First use of Cyanogenmod

I use Android for many years now, and I never really modified something on my smartphones. I am more and more affraid about google and its policy, so I try to live without it.

Concerning my smartphone, I have bought a Nokia 3310 but it didn't really convinced me. There is nothing to track you, but when you have used only smartphones in your life. It's hard to give it up for a 3310. Write a sms take so long, after 10 sms your phone memory is full. You don't see your messages sorted by contacts and date...

After 2 months with a 3310, it's time to get a new smartphone. I have choose the motorola Moto G2. And the same problem as before, you have a google system, to eliminate this problem I have installed a cyanogenmod on it. It was the first time I did this. And to be honest, it's quite frightening the first time.

When you do this, you void your warranty and you can brick your phone. But it's very well documented on internet specially the cyanogenmod website. So if you follow carefully the intructions, you don't have many risks.

Cyanogenmod is a really good choice to have a state of the art software with full fonctionnalities and to have a full control on your privacy.