Rolling release distribution with Arch Linux

Before today, I have always used Ubuntu or Debian distributions. But I wasn't plainy satisfied of this distributions :

So, I decided to change. I was attrected by rolling release distributions : no upgrades, often updates, latest versions. After read stuffs about it and talk with peoples, I have kept in mind 3 distributions: Arch Linux, Gentoo, Debian Sid. For Debian, my judgement wasn't objective, but for me rolling release and Debian can't be associated, Debian is a stable distribution. About Gentoo, I wasn't very seduced about spend all my time to compile (lazy? probably ..). So my choice was made : Arch Linux.

The installation is not simple as Ubuntu or Debian, but the wiki is well explained. You just have to followed instructions. This is, I think, the first advantage of Arch Linux : a huge and comprehensive documentation. After the install, the system is very minimalistr. If you want to do it simple, you just have to install a desktop-manager (like Gnome, KDE, Xfce, ...). Personnaly I prefer to install only a windows-manager and had just what you want. Just after the installation of the system, I strongly recommend to install yaourt (an overlay of pacman, the package manager), it allows you to use AUR repository easier.

For now I am very happy of my Arch Linux, it's light, fast and I have last versions of all my softwares. Like I have already said, the documentation is very complete and after all Arch Linux is quite simple to take in hand. I will tell you if it is still stable after few months.