provides email

For a long time ago, I have the idea to provide my own email service but I did not take the time. And since Fr33tux provides an email service (trusted, neutral and reliable service), it was no more vital to provide my own. Therefore that took so much time!

Deploying a basic email server (just postfix and dovecot) is quite simple, but users will be so spam or other inconvenients. There is so much to deploy in order to have a reliable service (such as spam assassin, opendkim, ...), that it takes time to do everything right. I used Postfix as a MTA (Mail Transfert Agent), this is maybe the most popular and documented on internet MTA. And I used Dovecot as IMAP server (there is no POP3 available now). Concerning the webmail, I have hesitated between roundcube and Rainloop. Finally, I chose the latest one, the installation take two minute, the configuration is fast too. Rainloop is quite young, but promising. The interface is very beautiful and easy to use, intuitive, and it supports GPG keys (<3)!

It is not an open service, it is just for my own use and for some friends (if they ask). I have no time and patience to provide a reliable service for a hundred people (running an email server for several persons it is not the same as running it just for my own use).

To conclude, now, feel free to contact me with this address :)