Smagnin's Home

I am Simon Magnin-Feysot (aka smagnin or Piké)

Working as a Sysadmin/Devops in fond of free software, self-hosting and low-tech, culture. I am enjoying also stuff that are not related with computers, like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Take a look below to see the details.

You can contact me via email or Matrix.


I work as a professional sysadmin/devops since 2017, but I am doing it for self-hosting many of my services since 2014. My experience is quite varied: I have worked for two differents B2B hosters, but also for a french online newspaper and now for a public hospital. Therefore I am able to adapt myself to the need of the users and constantly take care of it. I try to never forget that all my actions have consequences on users I hosted.


Martials arts are my main interests specifically Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I practice it as a blue belt.
I also like shooting some arrows with traditionnal bows (monobloc recurve, longbow) with old ways from the Middle Ages.

As a pirate, I enjoy mixing drinks and making cocktails, you can find me on